Paris: A Curious Traveler's Guide

A fresh approach to visiting the "city of love" In the last few years, Paris has undergone a huge transformation. It's fostered one of the coolest creative scenes in Europe, some of the continent's best nightlife, and a "bistronomy" movement that has influenced dining around the globe. Yet while millennial travelers pour into the city, travel guides continue to focus on a staid checklist ...

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Marketing, 20th Edition

Provide a thorough overview of essential marketing principles with Pride and Ferrell's visually engaging, reader-friendly MARKETING. This popular, proven presentation helps students develop the knowledge and decision-making skills to succeed in today's competitive business environment. In-depth coverage highlights fundamental marketing concepts and strategies, while practical applications and ...

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The Ultimate Guide to Eating for Longevity

LOCAL RELEASE DATE: 22.10.19 With modern "healthy" diets constantly flip-flopping on what foods to eat and focusing on restricting calories, individuals can be left confused, defeated, and unsatisfied. This new book by acclaimed macrobiotic health and nutritional experts Denny and Susan Waxman leaves all negativity behind and brings to light a positive outlook on building one healthy habit at a ...

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Trans Kids and Teens: Pride, Joy, and Families in Transition

LOCAL RELEASE DATE: 21.10.19 A comprehensive guide to the medical, emotional, and social issues of trans kids. These days, it is practically impossible not to hear about some aspect of transgender life. Whether it is the bathroom issue in North Carolina, trans people in the military, or on television, trans life has become front and center after years of marginalization. And kids are coming ...

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

How can management be developed to create the greatest wealth for society as a whole? This is the question Peter Drucker sets out to answer in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. A brilliant, mould-breaking attack on management orthodoxy it is one of Drucker's most important books, offering an excellent overview of some of his main ideas. He argues that what defines an entrepreneur is their attitude ...

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English Language for Senior Students

Insight's English Language for Senior Students: A guide to metalanguage is an invaluable resource for Units 1-4 of the English Language 2016-2020 Study Design. It offers clear and accessible definitions of all metalanguage, accompanied by engaging activities and sample responses. The guide will demystify the prescribed linguistic terminology, enabling students to become confident metalanguage ...

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Human Molecular Genetics, 5th Edition

Human Molecular Genetics has been carefully crafted over successive editions to provide an authoritative introduction to the molecular aspects of human genetics, genomics and cell biology. Maintaining the features that have made previous editions so popular, this fifth edition has been completely updated in line with the latest developments in the field. Older technologies such as cloning and ...

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Mastering Office 365 Administration

Leverage Office 365 to increase your organization's efficiency. In today's world, every organization aims to migrate to the cloud to become more efficient by making full use of the latest technologies. Office 365 is your one-stop solution to making your organization reliable, scalable, and fast. The book will start with an overview of Office 365 components, and help you learn how to use the ...

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Innovator's Playbook: How to Create Great Products, Services and Experiences that Your Customers Will Love

Innovation is hard and rarely successful. Most innovations fail because of little or poor work at the front-end of the innovation process, that is, the initial pre-development phase where opportunities are identified and concepts are developed. The author shares his experience, tools and methods developed over hundreds of successful implementations and training of customer-centric innovation and ...

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ABAP Development for SAP NetWeaver BW: Exits, BAdIs, and Enhancements (3rd Edition)

- Customize extraction and loading processes, reporting, and planning - Optimize your system by learning from detailed examples and commented code - Reference a new appendix that outlines exits and enhancements in SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 - 3rd Edition Updated for SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 Steer your BW-specific programming and push your implementation beyond standard BI business requirements! This ...

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Corporations Legislation 2011

PRESCRIBED TEXT FOR: CLAW2201/6002 AT USYD, SEMESTER 2 2011 LAWS2010/3192 AT UNSW, SEMESTER 2 2011 This fully consolidated legislation book includes the Corporations Act 2001, Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 and associated Acts and legislation, capturing the latest amendments up to 1 January 2011. Designed for use by practitioners, business professionals and anyone ...

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TechTV's Mod Mania with Yoshi: A Guide to Customizing Your Computer and Other Digital Devices

Book Description What's lemon yellow with a red headlight and a porthole window that allows users to peer at its innards? Could be your computer if you get this guide to the art and science of 'modding' from TechTV personality (and modding maniac!) Yoshi Deherrera. In these pages, Yoshi introduces you to the wild and wacky world of computer and device customization--or modding (if you hadn't ...

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Communication Skills: How to Connect with Anyone

Communicate more easily and effectively in any situation! Every day, you have the opportunity to interact with people in different areas of your life; in public, at work and at home, with colleagues and clients, with friends and family. Your ability to exchange ideas and opinions with other people, understand their thoughts and feelings, their point of view and solve problems between you depends ...

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Strive: Embracing the gift of struggle

Picture paradise. What does it look like? I am sure there is plenty of money. Nice things, of course lots of nice things. Flash cars, expensive clothes, big ...... no enormous houses, swimming pools, jewellery.... hell yes! Really offensive amounts of jewellery. Mmmmmmm something is missing? Work or rather the lack of work. Work does not exist in paradise or at the very least work that has very ...

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Alive in Shape and Color: 17 Paintings by Great Artists and the Stories They Inspired

Even before Lawrence Block could rest on his laurels from In Sunlight or In Shadow, a question arose. What would he do for an encore? Any number of artists have produced evocative work, paintings that could trigger a literary response. But none came to mind who could equal Hopper in turning out canvas after canvas. If no single artist could take Hopper's place, how about a full palette of them? ...

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Australian Constitutional Law: Concepts and Cases

Australian Constitutional Law: Concepts and Cases is a highly accessible, clear and methodical overview of Australian constitutional law, integrating theory and doctrine. It is both comprehensive and concise. This book takes a conceptual rather than chronological approach to topics. With focussed rather than lengthy case extracts, the book explains what the law is and why various interpretations ...

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Professional ASP.NET 3.5 Security, Membership, and Role Management with C# and VB **THIS IS A PRE-OWNED COPY. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION**

***THIS IS A PRE-OWNED COPY - in very good condition. The book has been read. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine remains undamaged. Slight wear to cover. *** **PLEASE CONTACT BOOKWARE CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR MORE INFORMATION** Description: The book opens with an introductory chapter on the new Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS 7.0). The chapter highlights the ...

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Exam Ref MD-100 Windows 10

The Exam Ref is the official study guide for Microsoft certification exams. Featuring concise coverage of the skills measured by the exam, challenging Thought Experiments, and pointers to more in-depth material for the candidate needing additional study, exam candidates get professional-level preparation for the exam. The Exam Ref helps candidates determine their readiness for the exam, and ...

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FNSACC313 Perform Financial Calculations Workbook 4th edition

ISBN: 978-1-925291-62-9 Unit code: FNSACC313 This learning guide covers a range of routine calculation methods and techniques when performing routine financial calculations and checking calculation outcomes, including: ' basic calculations ' spreadsheets ' interest ' GST ' mark-up and margins ' break-even point ' depreciation ' inflation.

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Contemporary Accounting: A Strategic Approach for Users, 10th Edition

Now in its tenth edition, Contemporary Accounting: A Strategic Approach for Users is designed for one-semester introductory accounting courses at undergraduate or MBA level, for both accounting and non-accounting majors. The text has been updated throughout to strengthen the content for first-year students, and to integrate financial and management accounting. Associate Dean Phil Hancock (UWA) ...

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BSBITU402 Develop and use complex spreadsheets (Excel 2016)

This workbook covers the skills and knowledge required to use spreadsheet software to complete business tasks and produce complex documents using Microsoft Excel 2016. ISBN: 978-1-925291-30-8 Unit code: BSBITU402

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HRM Fundamentals, 3rd Edition

PRESCRIBED TEXT FOR: Institution: Wodonga TAFE - Full Year 2015 Course Code: BSB41013 Subject: Cert IV in Human Resources This edition has been revised and updated to align with the new Certificate IV in Human Resources (BSB41013). This is the only comprehensive text published to date that is written specifically to address HR certificate IV level units of competence and their related ...

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BSBITU304 Produce spreadsheets (Excel 2016) workbook

This workbook covers the skills and knowledge to design and produce electronic presentations for speakers, for self access and online access using Microsoft Excel 2016. Parameters of Product ISBN: 978-1-925291-26-1 Unit code: BSBITU304

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Managing Human Resource Systems, 3rd Edition

PRESCRIBED TEXT FOR: Institution: Wodonga TAFE - Full Year 2015 Course Code: BSB41013 Subject: Cert IV in Human Resources Course Code: BSB50613 Subject: Diploma of Human Resources Management New Text for BSB50613 Diploma of Human Resources Management. This edition has been revised and updated to align with the new Diploma of Human Resources Management (BSB50613). This is the only ...

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