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Sams Teach Yourself Creative Suite 2 All in One

by: Mordy Golding

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Publisher: SAMS,01.06.2005

Category: Adobe Creative Suite Level: B/I

ISBN: 067232752X
ISBN13: 9780672327520

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If you are faced with the challenge to learn the Adobe Creative Suite, you probably also find yourself faced with the challenge of carrying five big books to help you learn all that you need to know. Why take on more than is necessary? Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Creative Suite 2 All in One has all the answers to your Adobe Creative Suite questions in one easy-to-use book. You will learn all of the products and technologies in a logical, well-integrated fashion. Understand the fundamentals of how they work separately and together to maximize your potential with:

Adobe Photoshop CS2
Adobe Illustrator CS2
Adobe GoLive CS2
Adobe InDesign CS2
Adobe Version Cue CS2
Adobe Bridge
Adobe Stock Photos
Adobe Acrobat 7.0

Get up to speed quickly and easily on all of the Adobe CS2 products with the help of Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Creative Suite 2

All in One.

Table of Contents



1. Overview: The Creative Process.

  A Creative Mind

  The Right Tools for the Job

  The Dream Team

  Premium Edition Versus Standard Edition

2. So Many Applications: Which One to Use?

  Do I Have to Use Them All?

  Taking a First Glance at the Applications

  Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Adobe ImageReady CS2

  Adobe Illustrator CS2

  Adobe InDesign CS2

  Adobe GoLive CS2

  Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional

  Adobe Version Cue CS2

  Bringing It All Together

3. The Game Plan: Developing a Workflow.

  What Is a Workflow?

  Understanding Print, the Web, and Beyond

  Designing for Print

  Designing for the Web

  Designing for Both Print and the Web

  Moving to a PDF Workflow

  Putting It All in Perspective

4. The Key That Makes It All Work: Integration.

  Getting Started with the Suite

  Integration: Defined

  Common User Interface



  Keyboard Shortcuts

  Moving Data Between Apps

  Creating PDF Files

  Save for Web


  Adobe Bridge

  Taking on the Applications


5. Using Adobe Photoshop CS2.

  Introduction to Photoshop CS2

  Opening, Creating, and Importing Files

  Customizing Your Interface

  Working with Selections

  Layers and Effects

  Working with Masks

  Applying Transformations

  Digital Painting

  Photoshop and the Web

  Setting Type

  Adjusting Images

  Retouching Images

  Applying Filters

  Automating Tasks

  Spot Colors

  Saving and Printing

6. Using Adobe ImageReady CS2.

  Introduction to ImageReady CS2

  Opening, Creating, and Importing Files

  Similarity with Photoshop

  Optimizing Files for the Web

  Adding Interactivity


  Saving and Exporting

7. Using Adobe Illustrator CS2.

  Introduction to Illustrator CS2

  Creating and Opening Files

  Drawing Basic Vector Objects

  Working with Selections

  Fills and Strokes

  Live Paint Groups


  Organizing Your Files Using Layers

  The Appearance Palette

  Masking Objects

  Applying Transformations

  Using Symbols

  Working with Type

  Live Effects

  Distortion with Envelopes


  Working with Raster Images

  Vector Tracing

  Charts and Graphs

  Web Graphics

  Saving/Exporting Files


8. Using Adobe InDesign CS2.

  Introduction to InDesign CS2

  Placing Content

  The Power of Typography

  Working with Objects

  Coloring Objects

  Layout Techniques

  Creating and Using Tables

  Adding Interactivity

  Saving, Printing, and Prepress

9. Using Adobe GoLive CS2.

  Introduction to GoLive CS2

  Creating a Project

  Using the Objects Palette and Toolbar

  Understanding the Site Window

  Designing Pages

  Using Cascading Style Sheets

  Link Warnings

  Publishing the Site

  Creating Favorite Icons (Favicons)


10. Using Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional.

  Introduction to Acrobat

  Viewing PDF Files

  Creating PDF Files

  Editing PDF Files

  Using Comments


  Using Sound and Movies

  Creating Interactivity

  Providing for Accessibility

  Using Forms


  Acrobat Distiller

  PDF Presentations

  Printing and Saving PDF Files

11. Using Adobe Version Cue 2.

  Introduction to Version Cue

  Getting Started with Version Cue

  Using Version Cue

  Administering Version Cue

  Advanced Tasks

  Thinking Different

  In Closing


12. Creating a Corporate Identity.

  The Project

  Creating a Version Cue Project

  Creating the Logo

  Preparing the Photo

  Designing the Business Card

  Designing the Letterhead

  Designing the Envelope

13. Creating a Brochure.

  The Project

  Planning the Layout in InDesign

  Finding and Preparing the Images

  Designing the Cover

  Designing the Inside of the Brochure

14. Creating an Ad Campaign.

  The Project

  Choosing and Preparing Images in Photoshop

  Setting Up Pages in InDesign

  Setting Up a Master Page

  Placing the Photos

  Placing the Text

  Exporting a PDF File for Review

  Adding Comments to the File in Acrobat

  Making Changes in InDesign

  Saving a Version and Exporting It As a PDF/X-1a-Compliant File

15. Creating a Web Banner.

  The Project

  Creating a New Illustrator File

  Adding the Images

  Choosing a Web-Safe Color

  Adding the Tagline

  Adding the Logo

  Exporting a Photoshop File

  Opening the File in ImageReady

  Creating the Animation

  Optimizing and Exporting the Animation

16. Creating a Web Page.

  The Project

  Creating a Site in GoLive

  Creating the Navigation Bar

  Creating Additional Web Graphics

  Laying Out the Page in GoLive

17. Creating a Business Presentation.

  The Project

  Creating an InDesign Document

  Creating a Pie Chart

  Creating the Chart Slide

  Making Some Changes

  Exporting a PDF from InDesign

  Adding the Finishing Touches

  Exporting Graphics for PowerPoint Use


Appendix A: Output: Sending Your Files to Print.

  Getting It Printed

  The Love-Hate Relationship Between Designers and Printers

  Understanding the Printing Process

  Understanding Transparency

  A Designer's Checklist