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Vision and Voice: Refining Your Vision in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

by: David DuChemin

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Publisher: NEW RIDERS,30.08.10

Category: ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Level: I/A

ISBN: 0321670094
ISBN13: 9780321670090

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David duChemin, author of the bestselling Within the Frame, believes there are three images that go into making a photographer's final image: the one she envisions, the one she shoots, and the one she develops. Vision and Voice is about this third and last component, as the photographer brings the image into the Develop module of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom--today's most popular digital darkroom. Most often, the most powerful images strongly communicate just one message, theme, or emotion. This book teaches students how to take that theme or emotion they had when they first shot the image, and carry it through to the development process in Lightroom. After discussing this crucial process of bringing the photographer's intention and vision to Lightroom, duChemin first gives the students a quick look at Lightroom's Develop module, explaining the features and settings--not only in how they work but in what aesthetic effects they have on an image. duChemin then reveals his personal process for developing images in Lightroom, as he works through 20 images, beginning with the RAW digital negative and finishing with the final, developed image ready to share. This book is not an exhaustive overview or tour of Lightroom. Instead, duChemin takes a unique approach by concentrating solely on the Develop module, the component of Lightroom where a photographer has the most powerful tools to bring their vision and voice to the image.

Features and Benefits


Author David duChemin reveals how to use Lightroom to carry a photographer's true vision for an image into the final developed photograph

  * The only book dedicated to carrying out the photographer's vision of an image using the Develop module in Lightroom--the place where photographers spend the vast majority of time working in Lightroom!

  * David duChemin (Within the Frame 0321605020) reveals how he develops 20 of his own images

  * Readers learn to bring intention and the vision for their shot to Lightroom's Develop module

Table of Contents


Introduction . Part One: VISION CHAPTER ONE Vision in Focus CHAPTER TWO Vision And Process -The Process of Vision -Vision in Process CHAPTER THREE Vision and Style -Adapt vs. Adopt -Horse and Carts CHAPTER FOUR Vision-Driven Workflow -What is Vision-Driven Workflow? -What are the Principles of Vision-Driven Workflow? . Part Two: VOICE CHAPTER FIVE Voice Training -The Craft of Voice -Make Your Blacks Black -Histograms -Give and Take -Shooting RAW -Visual Literacy CHAPTER SIX The Means of Expression -Introduction to Lightroom Development Module -The Tools of Expression: white-balance and tint; Exposure; Recovery; Fill; Brightness; Blacks; Contrast; Clarity; Vibrance; Saturation; Tone Curve; Vignetting; Selective adjustments; Selective HSL/Targeted adjustments; Cropping; Greyscale; Toning; CHAPTER SEVEN Twenty Visions, Twenty Voices -A Starting Point -Lessons 1 - 20 CHAPTER EIGHT -Conclusion INDEX

About the Authors


An assignment photographer specializing in humanitarian projects and world photography,

David duChemin has been creating compelling stories with a camera in hand for over twenty years. A passionate contributor to the international photography community, duChemin's first book, Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision, received worldwide acclaim for its vision, passion, and depth. David has shot on five continents for assignments and projects covering places as diverse as Paris, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, India, Nepal, and Mongolia. Find David online at Pixelatedimage.com.