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CRM at the Speed of Light, 4th Edition

by: Paul Greenberg

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Publisher: MCGRAW-HILL,15.12.09


ISBN: 0071590455
ISBN13: 9780071590457

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  * The CRM industry is expected to reach $7.4 billion in sales this year

  * Previous editions sold more than 50,000 copies


A social revolution in how we communicate has taken place in recent years. Smartphones, social web tools, and the instant availability of information in an aggregated and organized way provide real-time intelligence to customers, not just the enterprise.

Social CRM is critical to business success in today's hyper-connected environment. Customers' expectations are so great and their demands so empowered that a Social CRM strategy must be built around collaboration and customers engagement, not traditional operational customer management. It's the company's response to the customer's control of the conversation that makes Social CRM work.

Written by CRM guru Paul Greenberg, CRM at the Speed of Light, Fourth Edition, reveals best practices for a successful Social CRM implementation. Greenberg explains how this new paradigm involves the customer in a synergetic discussion to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted and transparent business environment.

Throughout this definitive volume, you'll find examples of the new strategies for customer engagement and collaboration being used by cutting-edge companies, along with expert guidance on how your organization can and should adopt these innovations.

CRM at the Speed of Light, Fourth Edition, reviews the lat4est technological developments in the operational side of CRM, including vertical applications, and explains the fundamentals of the multifaceted CRM framework.

Find out why Paul Greenberg was named the #1 CRM influencer by InsideCRM in the completely recast edition of this international bestseller.

In addition to being the author of the bestselling CRM at the Speed of Light, Paul Greenberg is President of The 56 Group, LLC, a customer strategy consulting firm focused on cutting-edge CRM strategic services; a founding partner of the CRM training company, BPT Partners, LLC, a training a consulting venture composed of a number of CRM luminaries that has become the certification authority for the CRM industry; co-chairman of Rutgers University's CRM Research Center; Executive Vice President of the CRM Association; and a Board of Advisors member of the Baylor University MBA Program for CRM majors. Paul was named one of the most influential CRM leaders in 2008 by CRM Magazine. He is known for his work on the use of social media in CRM as tools for customer collaboration with a company. Currently, Paul lives in Manassas, Virginia, with his wife and five cats. You can reach him at paul-greenberg3@comcast.net, follow him on Twitter at www.twitter.com/pgreenbe, or join up with him on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Praise for CRM at the Speed of Light

'[This book] is a testament to Greenberg's profound grasp of the control revolution that is upon us. Customers seizing control from business. Citizens demanding control and accountability from their governments. Political campaigns and charities being rewarded by shifting power to their supporters. Quite simply, it is the definitive work for anyone committed to putting the social customer at the center of their operation.' -- Brian Komar, Director of Interacitve Marketing and CRM, Center for American Progress

'With great insights, great stories, and great inforamtion, Paul Greenberg analyzes the impact of every major industry development on vendor/customer relationships. Not only is he on top of his game, he makes reading this edition as enjoyable as it was to read the previous three. This is an absolute must-read for anyone serious about understanding how to best serve today's social customer.' -- Brent Leary, CRM industry analyst and co-author of Barack 2.0: Social Media Lessons for Small Business

'Web 2.0 hiot and Paul Greenberg couldn't resist telling us what it all means. Lucky for us. This edition is packed with new insights about how online conversations are changing the nature of customer relations. Think the CRM market is crazy now? Hitch a ride on Greenberg's shoulders because you ain't seen nothing yet.' -- Paul Gillin, author of The New Influencers and Secrets of Social Media Marketing.'

'As we make the shift to SCRM, Paul's insights provide a much needed framework on how to navigate a more connected, social, and collaborative enterprise.' -- R 'Ray' Wang, Partner, Enterprise Strategy, Altimeter Group, LLC

'Paul Greenberg is one of the most astute minds in CRM and social media today. His book remains the bible for companies employing CRM. The added focus on blending new and social media into Paul's philosophy of CRM will keep this as the first book companies reach for to enhance the customer relationship in the new century.' -- Jay Dunn, Vice President of Marketing, Lane Bryant

'Paul Greenberg shares his unparalleled expertise on the dramatic evolution from CRM 1.0 to CRM 2.0 with unique insightful examples. It is a must read for anyone looking to transform the potential of CRM into long-lasting competitive advantage in a rapidly changing business environment.' -- Jujhar Singh, Senior Vice President, SAP CRM Product Management
Author Biography


Paul Greenberg is President of The 56 Group, LLC, and one of the world's leading authorities on CRM.

Table of Contents

Foreword; Acknowledgments; Introduction; Part I: The Era of the Social Customer; Chapter 1. OMG! Your Customer is Really Your BFF!; Chapter 2. CRM, CMR, VRM or...Who Cares?; Chapter 3. The Customer Owns the Experience; Chapter 4. Enterprise 2.0: Not Exactly What You Think; Chapter 5. A Company Like Me: New Business; Part II: So Happy Together: Collaborating with Your Customers; Chapter 6. Do You Have the Ring? Tools; Chapter 7. Love Your Customer Publicly: Blogs and Podcasts; Chapter 8. Wikis Are a Weird Name for Collaboration, N'est Ce Pas?; Chapter 9. Social Networks, User Communities: Who Loves Ya, Baby?; Chapter 10. Movin' and Groovin': The Use of Mobile Devices; Part III: Baby Stays, Bathwater Goes--CRM Still Needs the Operational; Chapter 11. The Collaborative Value Chain; Chapter 12. Sales and Marketing: The Customer Is the Right Subject; Chapter 13. Customer Service Is Our Name--and Our Game; Chapter 14. The Difference: CRM, the Public Sector, and Politics; Chapter 15. SOA for Poets; Chapter 16. At Home or in the Clouds--and In Open Spaces Between; Chapter 17. Big Picture, Big Strategies; Chapter 18. Mapping the Customer Experience; Chapter 19. Process and Data Go Together; Chapter 20. Value Given, Value Received: Analyzing the Return on CRM; Chapter 21. When You Buy the Application, You Buy the Vendor, Though You Don't Implement Him; Chapter 22. Waving to the Future; Appendix. The Social Web and the Public Sector: From the World to the State; Index