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Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, 3rd Edition

by: Raymond Noe, John Hollenbeck, Barry Gerhart, Patrick Wright

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Publisher: MCGRAW-HILL,12.10.08

Category: Human Resource Management Level:

ISBN: 0073381470
ISBN13: 9780073381473

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Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, by Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart and Wright is specifically written to provide a complete introduction to human resource management for the general business manager. This book is the most engaging, focused and applied HRM text on the market.
Key Features

# Human Resource Management (HRM): The HRM course can be found in business schools, MBA programs, and industrial relations programs and in some psychology departments. The course is mainly found in 4-year universities, 2-year community colleges, and career colleges. Internal differentiation: Noe (HB) is our most popular mainstream text with a strategy theme throughout, Noe (PB) is our brief general manager HR text; Bernardin is our most experiential/applied text; Byars/Rue is our most basic text; Cascio is our most comprehensive text w/ strong global focus; Ivancevich is our well-researched text with lots of ?real? org. settings and situations.
Noe Fundamentals Story: This text is geared towards general business students who want to learn more about how HRM is used in the everyday work environment in an engaging, focused, and applied way, providing them with the HRM knowledge they will need to succeed. Fundamentals differs from the hardback textbook by the same author team. Instead of a higher level of theory that?s geared towards the HRM majors, this book focuses on the uses of human resources for the general business manager. Issues such as strategy are reduced to give a greater focus on how human resources management is used in the everyday work environment.
# NEW! HR Oops! Engage students thru examples of companies where the HR department has fallen short. Discussion questions at the end of each example engage student analysis of the situation. Examples include: ?When Employees Steal? p. 16, ?Discriminating against Pregnant Workers? p. 63, and ?Sneaky Recruiters? p. 138.

# UPDATED: Best Practices ? Engage students thru examples of companies where the HR department is working well. These real-world examples illustrate actual company policies that have been successfully put in place and help students apply chapter concepts to real-world business practices. Examples include ?Healthwise Knows the Value of a Valued Employee? p. 4, and ?Valuing Diversity at JP Morgan Chase? p. 75.

# NEW! 14 of 16 new HR How To boxes ? Engage students by guiding them thru specific steps to creating HRM programs and tackling common challenges. Feature examples include: ?Employee Surveys? p. 12, ?Supervising Your Parent?s Generation? p.28, and ?Interviewing Effectively? p. 169.

# NEW & UPDATED: e-HRM ? Engage students through examples of how HR departments are utilizing technology today. This feature emphasizes how technology is changing the way things are getting done. Examples include: ?High-Tech Flexibility at Bank of the West? p. 48, and ?Video Resumes-Perilous Policy?? p. 69.

# NEW! 14 of 16 new Did You Know?? boxes ? Engage students through interesting statistics related to HR topics and a snapshot of real-world practices. Examples include: ?Even Office Work Can Tire You? p. 108, ?One in Three Positions Are Filled with Insiders? p. 133, and ?Employers Are Googling and Social Networking, Too? p. 162.

# NEW! More focused on Current Evidence ? This text presents the most current coverage of the latest developments in human resource management today. Every chapter of the 3rd Edition has been thoroughly updated to ensure students learn from the latest research and practice. Additionally, figures and tables have been updated throughout the text with the most recent statistics and information available today.

# Focused on the current trends ? Ch 2: Trends in Human Resource Management has been updated to include expanded discussion of treatment of older employees; more attention to immigration; new discussion of employee engagement; and the latest statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

# NEW! More focused on Assurance of Learning ? Noe et. al. provides you with a complete learning system for your students supporting you in measuring learning outcomes. In Noe 3e learning objectives open each chapter and are referenced in the page margins where the relevant discussion begins. Then, the chapter summary is written around the same learning objectives and the student quiz on the textbook website and instructor testing questions are tagged to the appropriate objective they cover.

# NEW! More focused on Thinking Ethically with all new exercises ? At the end of the chapters students are confronted with ethical issues regarding managing human resources and are asked to make and justify their decisions. This feature was a highlight for our reviewers due to its focus on critical thinking.

# NEW! It?s a WRAP! Provides more focus on Reviewing, Applying and Practicing chapter concepts ? At the end of every chapter this new feature clearly indicates student?s options for Reviewing, Applying and Practicing chapter concepts using tools such as Manager?s Hot Seat Video, Video Cases, Self-Assessment, Web Exercises, Narrated Lectures for iPod download; and chapter quizzes, all delivered as part of the Premium Online Resources. Please visit www.mhhe.com/noefund3e to review.

# NEW! 15 of 16 new BusinessWeek Cases ? These cases look at events at real companies as reported by the nation?s number one business weekly and encourage students to critically evaluate each situation and apply the chapter concepts. For example, the new article in Ch. 2 ?A Critical Shortage of Nurses? (pp. 52-53) challenges students to apply trends described in the chapter to identify solutions for recruiting and retaining nurses.

# NEW! All new End-of-Chapter Cases take a closer look at companies and how their practices illustrate and apply concepts from the chapter. These cases provide external examples to bring into a lecture, along with questions for assignments or classroom discussion. Examples include HR practices at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and impact on airport security screeners p. 23, and Wegman?s Food Markets and its use of training to remain at the top of Fortune magazine?s ?Best places to work? list.

# NEW! 6 new Manager?s Hot Seat (MHS) exercises ? You?ve asked, we?ve answered! With this edition of Noe et. al. we are expanding our library of MHS materials with 6 new video exercises. MHS allows students to assume the role of the manager and apply what they?ve learned to video case scenarios where real managers apply their years of experience to confront important workplace issues such as negotiation, listening issues, working in teams, ethics, and office romance. All MHS materials can be found online at www.mhhe.com/noefund3e.

# NEW! Instructor?s Guide to using NBC?s ?The Office? contains teaching notes and suggested use of select episodes from the popular television show along with discussion questions and answers. Selected shows highlight specific scenes that are linked to HR topics.
# Instructor?s will need to obtain copies of the television show episodes on their own. You can buy this for them!
# NEW! HRM Video DVD providing 29 HRM related clips is available upon adoption of this 3rd Edition. New videos include two new videos produced by the SHRM Foundation include HR in Alignment: the Link to Business Results at Sysco Food Services and Ethics: The Fabric of Business. Other notable videos available for this edition include Johnson & Johnson eUniversity for the chapter on Training and Hollywood Labor Unions for the chapter on Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations.

# NEW! Management in the Movies DVD ? McGraw-Hill is now offering a ?Management in the Movies? DVD loaded with scenes from major Hollywood movies and TV Shows! Each movie has been clipped to highlight a specific scene (each is less than two and a half minutes) and linked to specific topics including groups, ethics, diversity, global management, and more! Along with the DVD, McGraw-Hill provides an instructor?s manual with suggestions for usage of the clip, clip summaries, and discussion questions to accompany each segment.

# NEW! 10 new HR-specific Self-Assessments ? This text is supported by 10 new HR-specific self-assessments that are in addition to the 23 interactive self-scoring Self-Assessments that McGraw-Hill has previously supplied to students to test their values, believe, skills and interests in a wide variety of areas. This enables students to personally apply chapter content to their own lives and careers. New assessments include ?Can Health and Safety Behavior be Predicted??, ?Corporate Social Responsibility and HRM,? and ?Unions, Labor Laws, and Managerial Prerogatives.? The self-assessments are organized by topic and are supported by an instructor manual and Power Point. Instructors and Students can access these materials as part of their Premium Online Resources at www.mhhe.com/noefund3e.

# NEW! Additional HR-specific Test Your Knowledge (TYK) activities ? With this edition the TYK offerings have been expanded to include several new HR-specific interactive activities for a total of more than 30 modules for which to learn key concepts. After students review the key concept presented, they take quizzes in either practice or testing mode, to ensure their comprehension. The application contains both knowledge and application questions. New HR-specific activities include ?What Do You Know about HRM?? and ?What Questions Can You Ask in an Interview?? Instructors and Students can access these materials as part of their Premium Online Resources at www.mhhe.com/noefund3e.
# SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) guide online at www.mhhe.com/noefund3e correlates sections of the SHRM exam to page references in Noe Fundamentals.

End-of-Chapter Material includes chapter summary, chapter discussion questions, Business Week cases, and other end-of-chapter cases. Summaries recap the ?What Do I Need to Know?? questions from the beginning of each chapter and simply reiterate only the key points from the chapter. The discussion questions check comprehension of key chapter concepts and the case materials encourage critical thinking. BusinessWeek Cases proved especially intriguing to reviewers, as instructors consistently praised the inclusion of rich materials like these that enable them to supplement their lectures with examples built into the text.

Table of Contents

Brief Contents
Chapter 1: Managing Human Resources

Part 1 The Human Resource Environment
Chapter 2: Trends in Human Resource Management
Chapter 3: Providing Equal Employment Opportunity and a Safe Workplace
Chapter 4: Analyzing Work and Designing Jobs

Part 2 Acquiring and Preparing Human Resources
Chapter 5: Planning for and Recruiting Human Resources
Chapter 6: Selecting Employees and Placing Them in Jobs
Chapter 7: Training Employees

Part 3 Assessing Performance and Developing Employees
Chapter 8: Managing Employees? Performance
Chapter 9: Developing Employees for Future Success
Chapter 10: Separating and Retaining Employees

Part 4 Compensating Human Resources
Chapter 11: Establishing a Pay Structure
Chapter 12: Recognizing Employee Contributions with Pay
Chapter 13: Providing Employee Benefits

Part 5 Meeting Other HR Goals
Chapter 14: Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations
Chapter 15: Managing Human Resources Globally
Chapter 16: Creating and Maintaining High-Performance Organizations

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# Manager's Hot Seat Online Access Card
ISBN: 0073312126
Author(s): JONES

# Human Resource Management Video DVD, Volume 1
ISBN: 0073283088
Author(s): NOE

# Management in the Movies DVD
ISBN: 0073317713
Author(s): JONES

# Instructor's Resource CD to accompany Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
ISBN: 007336441X
Author(s): NOE

# Premium Content Card t/a Fundamentals of Human Resources Management
ISBN: 0073364428
Author(s): NOE