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Red Hat Linux 8 Server

by: Mohammed J. Kabir

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Publisher: John Wiley & Sons,Dec-2003

Category: LINUX Level: I/A

ISBN: 0764536354
ISBN13: 9780764536359

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Your in-depth guide to installing, configuring, and administering the newest version of Red Hat Linux Server

  Red Hat Linux 8 Server provides just what you'd expect from the leading open source operating system: revolutionary features like the new Linux 2.5 kernel with Tux Web server and ext3 Journaling Filesystems. Now, Red Hat Linux authority and bestselling author Mohammed Kabir helps you master all the new developments in this nuts-and-bolts guide.

  You'll find plenty of examples and clear instructions for installing and configuring Red Hat Linux 8 Server, setting up the GRUB boot loader, securing your server, improving user convenience, and much more. This book helps you take full advantage of all that Red Hat Linux 8 Server has to offer.

  You'll learn how to:

  Work as the root user by controlling, monitoring, and automating programs

Setup BIND, Apache, MySQL, Sendmail/Postfix, and Wu-FTPD/Pro-FTPD

Establish servers for intranets and the Internet

Speed up user experience with the transparent Squid proxy server

Use a Samba server to set up file and printer sharing between Linux and Windows systems

Secure your server with netfilter, firewalls, OpenSSL, OpenSSH, and more

The Web site features links to the following:

  Source distributions of Apache, Perl, PHP, OpenSSL, OpenSSH, and MySQL database + development

ProFTPD source and/or RPM distribution

qmail distribution

Open source version of Tripwire distribution

Squid proxy server

Other open source utilities and security tools



  Part I: Getting Started.

  Chapter 1: Why Red Hat Linux?

  Chapter 2: Installation and Basic Configuration.

  Chapter 3: The Red Hat Network.

  Part II: Working as a Superuser.

  Chapter 4: The Bootup and Shutdown Processes.

  Chapter 5: Working with File Systems.

  Part III: Managing Users, Processes, and Networks.

  Chapter 6: User Administration.

  Chapter 7: Process Administration.

  Chapter 8: Network Administration.

  Part IV: Setting Up Intranet/Internet Services.

  Chapter 9: DNS Server.

  Chapter 10: Setting Up E-mail Service.

  Chapter 11: Setting Up Web Service.

  Chapter 12: FTP Server.

  Chapter 13: Squid Proxy Server.

  Chapter 14: Samba Server.

  Chapter 15: Setting Up MySQL Database Server.

  Chapter 16: NFS Server.

  Part V: Securing the Server.

  Chapter 17: Implementing Kernel-level Security.

  Chapter 18: Deploying a Firewall.

  Chapter 19: Restricting User Access.

  Chapter 20: Protecting Files.

  Part VI: Running X Windows.

  Chapter 21: Setting Up X Windows.

  Chapter 22: Using the X Desktop.

  Part VII: Troubleshooting the Server.

  Chapter 23: Dealing with Common File System Issues.

  Chapter 24: Troubleshooting Your Network.

  Part VIII: Appendixes.

  Appendix A: What's on the Web Site.

  Appendix B: Everyday Commands.

  Appendix C: Linux Resources.


  MOHAMMED J. KABIR is the founder of EVOKNOW, a software development company, and an expert in multiserver Web networks. He is the author of many books, including Red Hat Security and Optimization, Apache 2 Server Bible, Red Hat Linux Administrator's Handbook, and Red Hat Survival Guide, as well as two previous editions of Red Hat Linux Server.