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Engineering Mechanics

by: Val Ivanoff

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Publisher: MCGRAW-HILL,04.05.10

Category: ENGINEERING Level:

ISBN: 0071010033
ISBN13: 9780071010030

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Engineering Mechanics is an ideal introductory text for first-year engineering students covering the three basic topic areas: statics, introductory dynamics and introductory strength of materials.

Each chapter contains worked examples and self-assessment exercises to encourage students to test their own skills and knowledge as they progress. Instructors have access to the Solutions Manual for this book, found at the Online Learning Centre.

Key Features

Learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter
Key learning tools such as worked examples, graded problems, review questions and a detailed glossary aid revision and comprehension
Clear, easily readable writing style

Table of Contents

Engineering Mechanics
The Foundations
Part 1: An Introduction 1. Mechanical engineering science
2. Mathematical tools
3. Fundamental concepts and units

Part 2: Static Forces 4. Force and gravity
5. Concurrent forces
6. Non-current forces

Part 3: Structural Analysis 7. Reactions at beam supports
8. Pin reactions in frames
9. Internal forces in trusses

Part 4: Sliding Friction 10. Dry sliding friction
11. Friction on inclined planes
12. Screws and wedges

Part 5: Laws of Motion 13. Linear motion
14. Rotational motion
15. Circular motion

Part 6: Work and Energy 16. Work and power
17. Mechanical energy
18. Conservation of energy

Part 7: Dynamic Systems 19. The force-acceleration method
20. The work-energy method
21. The impulse-momentum method

Part 8: Mechanics of machines 22. The law of a machine
23. Simple machines
24. Mechanical drives

Strength of Materials
Part 9: Stress and Elasticity 25. Tensile stress
26. Compressive and thermal stress
27. Shear and torsional stresses

Part 10: Bending of Beams 28. Shear force and bending moment
29. Bending stress
30. Deflection of beams

Part 11: Towards Engineering Design 31. Bolted and welded joints
32. Pressure vessels
33. Power transmission by shafts

Appendixes A. Summary of the metric system of units
B. Symbols and formulae
C. Glossary of selected terms