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Running Money: Professional Portfolio Management - **THIS ITEM IS OUT OF PRINT. THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE EDITION AVAILABLE. TO ORDER 'CUSTOM Running Money: Professional Portfolio Management' PLEASE PERFORM A NEW SEARCH USING THE FOLLOWING ISBN13: 978130825

by: Scott Stewart, Christopher Piros, Jeffrey Heisler

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Publisher: MCGRAW-HILL,15.03.10

Category: FINANCE Level:

ISBN: 0073530581
ISBN13: 9780073530581

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Running Money: Professional Portfolio Management 1e focuses on the business investment decision-making from the perspective of the portfolio manager. The authors combined professional experience managing multi-billion-dollar mandates, working with real clients, and solving real investment problems is reflected throughout the text. Their goal is to expose students to what it is really like to ?run money? professionally by providing the necessary tools. This new text is most effectively used in conjunction with cases, projects, and real-time portfolios requiring ?hands on? application of the material. Excel Spreadsheets and Outboxes help the students understand the approach of this first edition text.
Key Features

# Excel Outboxes: Text boxes provide step-by-step instructions enabling students to build many of the Excel spreadsheets from scratch. Building the model themselves helps to ensure that the students really understand how it works.
# Excel Spreadsheets: Customizable Excel spreadsheets are available online. These spreadsheets allow the student to apply the tools immediately. Students can use them ?as is? or tailor them to specific applications.
# War Stories: Text boxes describing how an investment strategy or product worked, or did not work, in a real situation.
# Theory In Practice: Text boxes linking concepts to specific real world examples, applications or situations.
# End-of-Chapter Problems: End-of-chapter-problems are designed to check and to reinforce understanding of key concepts. Some of these problems guide the student through the solution of the cases. Others instruct the student to expand spreadsheets introduced in the Excel Outboxes.
# Real Investment Cases: The Appendix provides four canonical cases based on real situations involving a high-net-worth individual, a defined-benefit pension plan, a defined-contribution pension plan, and a small-cap equity fund. The cases are broken into 4 steps that can be completed as the student proceeds through the text.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Client Objectives for Managing Diversified Portfolios
Chapter 3: Asset Allocation: The Mean Variance Framework
Chapter 4: Asset Allocation Inputs
Chapter 5: Advanced Topics in Asset Allocation
Chapter 6: The Investment Management Process
Chapter 7: Introduction to Equity Portfolio Investing
Chapter 8: Equity Portfolio Construction
Chapter 9: Fixed Income Portfolio Management
Chapter 10: Internal Investing
Chapter 11: Alternative Investment Classes
Chapter 12: Portfolio Management Through Time: Taxes and Transaction Costs
Chapter 13: Performance Measurement and Attribution
Chapter 14: Incentives, Ethics and Policy
Chapter 15: Investor and Client Behavior
Chapter 16: Managing Client Relationships